Friends & Family

We know how stressful the sudden illness of a loved one can be. Arranging medical transportation for someone who has just been released from the hospital or rehab facility, who is unable to walk or get into a car can be overwhelming.
Relax and call us -this is what we do.

Wheelchair transportation to medical appointments is our specialty.

It is all we do, and we take great pride in doing it very well. Our drivers are safe, well-trained, competent and compassionate. Your loved one’s safety is our highest priority.

Whether your loved one travels alone or travels with a companion, we look after the little things to make the trip safer, more comfortable and easier on everyone.

Trip Q&A

Do we meet the driver outside?
No need to. The driver will come inside and wheel them out to the vehicle.

Will my loved one need to get out of the wheelchair?
Our vehicles are equipped with commercial grade wheelchair lifts. Your loved one will not need to leave their wheelchair to get into the vehicle.

We do not have a wheelchair; she just uses a walker.
All vehicles are equipped with a heavy-duty loaner wheelchair for those passengers that either do not have one available or who exclusively use a walker to get around. In every case, the passenger is seated when accessing and exiting the vehicle on the lift and throughout the trip. This is a safer and more comfortable way to transport our passengers to and from their appointments.

Are there seatbelts?
Yes, there are. Everyone must have a seatbelt on for transport. If you are coming along (no charge by the way), you will be asked to put on your seatbelt as well.
Additionally, all wheelchairs are locked down inside the vehicle with four special restraints that securely attach to the wheelchair’s lower frame and lock into the floor. An integrated lap and shoulder belt further secure the passenger in the wheelchair.

When we get to the destination, will I need to push them to the medical office?
No, that is our job. Our driver will take your loved one into the medical office and sign him/her in with the staff. If the trip is to a hospital for a test or procedure, the driver will assist with the registration process.

Will the driver wait and how do we get the driver to come back for us?
Our schedules generally do not allow the driver to wait until the appointment is done. We will leave a contact card with the office staff. They will call us once the once the appointment is finished. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to call as well. We just do not assume everyone has a cell phone or is comfortable using it.

How long will it take for the driver to return?
We give the caller an estimated time for the return pickup. We are aware that everyone is anxious to get home following the appointment and do our best to manage the schedule to keep wait times to a minimum. The average wait time is 30 minutes or less.

Do I need to book the return trip separately?
No. All bookings anticipate a return trip will be needed and are automatically added into our schedule.
If the appointment goes past 5:00 p.m., we do not go home until all our passengers are returned home.

My family member will be traveling alone. Will the driver get them into the house?
Absolutely! If your loved one is traveling alone, we will make sure they are safely returned inside their residence and are okay before saying ‘Good-bye’ and locking the door behind us as we leave. If you would like a courtesy call following their return, just ask when booking the trip with us.

Should I tip the driver?
Tipping is not necessary. Driver wages are not gratuity based.
Your kind and sincere recommendation to others is what we strive for.

Pro Tips



Here are some tips to take care of prior to the pick up time:


1. Make sure everyone used the restroom.


2. If incontinence is an issue, bring a change of undergarments, gloves and wipes in a handbag.


3. Find the legrests that came with the wheelchair. It is especially important that anyone traveling in a wheelchair uses the legrests for safety and comfort. If the legrests are not already attached, the driver will put them on for you.


4. Have your loved one’s medical insurance cards, photo id and list of current medications and doses with you. Medical offices and hospitals ask for them at every appointment.


5. If we are going to a hospital for an out-patient procedure or imaging, it is advisable to have a copy of the doctor’s orders or script with you in case the registration desk cannot locate it in their system.


6. Bring a small blanket or throw. While we make every effort to keep the vehicle cabin comfortable, medical offices, and especially hospitals, are kept cool to keep germs at bay.