About Us

Angel Wheels Transportation Inc
. was started in 2009 with the mission to provide the best transportation under heaven for people dependent on wheelchairs.

Our Core Values

Your trust is incredibly important to us. Whether you are the one being transported, a family member, a facility administrator or other medical professional, we recognize you are entrusting us with someone that is vulnerable and dependent on others for assistance and we value that.

From our driver selection and background investigation, extensive training, choice of vehicle platform and scheduling, we are focused on the safety and security of each passenger, each trip.

We transport people not freight. Generally, our passengers are frail, vulnerable and dependent on others for help and to look out for their needs. With that in mind, we want our passengers to have a sense of security and comfort knowing they are being transported by a trustworthy driver who will take care of them.

People are often stressed when trying to get someone in a wheelchair to a medical appointment. We make it a point to look after the details to make the trip less traumatic and hassle-free.